My name is Kaio, I work with many things hahaha !!! I am a musician, I love photos and everything that involves the artistic medium, I had a great dysphoria, it still exists but it is much less offensive, I am more satisfied nowadays but like any human being I still want to perfect as far as my self-esteem demands.

-How did you begin to feel free to show your body?

I started the exhibition thanks to work with photos, from the moment I started to love myself, I began to expose the thing I love to others to see that it is worth loving and showing itself. From there, freedom began to speak louder, I turned on my “fuck-up” button in automatic mode and so I continue to this day.

-In relation to other people, what do you like best when people see your photos without clothes?

People are critical, quite opinionated about my attitude of taking naked pictures, but such photos show only what I have the right to love, “the way I came to the world” in a unique, exclusive way, exuding the admiration of others towards me , they admire me, they tell me that I am an inspiration, that makes my esteem increase a lot.

-Do you believe that posting photos without clothes ones has made your self-esteem increase?

It did, it increased a lot and whether you want it or not, it’s people admiring our body as we are, it’s not us we admire ourselves in the mirror and it makes us love each other more!

-If you had to give people a tip about feeling good about your body, what tip could you give?

The tip I give is: Inspire yourself! We all have particular beauties, never try to be equal to anyone, look at yourself in the mirror, see and see the beauty you have, call the fuck for opinions that will make you strong.

-Do you date? If so, how the person deal with their photos and videos?

I’m a free guy, single, currently unimpeded but that does not stop me from loving those who are willing to add to my world.

-Here the space is free, you can express yourself and leave your message to the readers.

I welcome my story, join this mess, no one deserves too much equality! Be different and enjoy the result! You’re awesome, we’re awesome.

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Remember also that in case you are a ManTrans or TransMasculino and want to participate you are invited.

See you later.