Very common Transmen and TransMasculine at the beginning of the physical transition are thinking about they need to use prosthesis, and the best of the prosthesis itself is only to give a differentiated in sex from time to time, sometimes even creating new dysphoria with the body and was reminding that the “Tips and Tricks” was intended.
With the time of hormone or even with PUMP use it is common to grow clitoris more visibly with up to the first 2 years of testosterone and also more sensitivity in the region and I clearly started to use this in my favor.

I always hated the idea of doing “scissors” when I was related to people who have a vagina but I always masturbated by rubbing the clitoris and started to try new positions.

It is possible to rub between the clitoris more easily when the person with the larger clitoris makes the movements while the one with the smaller one “gets” the movements, otherwise if you have the larger clitoris and want to receive the movements you just hold the skin of the clitoris pubis in the direction of the belly to make the clitoris get pointed up that will also work out.

After a few minutes, enjoy the lubrication of both to facilitate even more in the movements and sensations.
When started using testosterone it is common to decrease the vaginal secretion but in contrast the increase of lubrication with the Bartholin glands become considerable then in the absence of one, learn to use the other; Right from the start you may find it difficult to perform the movements but with training you can even reach orgasm easily.
The most comfortable positions I found were the animated images above, use creativity.

See you later.